Introduction to Sand Play Therapy

Introduction to Sand Play Therapy

Description of Training:

This training is a three-day intensive exploration of Sand Play. Clinicians will learn the theoretical background of Sand Play Therapy, including: Erikson’s Developmental Tasks as applied to Sand Play, basic Jungian concepts (psyche, self, ego, individuation, collective unconscious), stages of Sand Play Development (Kaliff and Neumann), Play Therapy applications (directive and non-directive) and the basic tenets of Family Sand Play Therapy (with a special focus on Lois Carey’s work).

Participants will have an extensive, hands-on experience of building their own Sandtrays, facilitating the Sand Play Process for others (“holder” skills) and participating in experiential exercises with multiple participants in the Sandtray.

2020/2021 Training Schedule and Information

New and improved trainings are currently being designed to educate professionals in the current and post-COVID environment. Stay tuned for information regarding our new offerings.

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