Art Therapy Groups

Art Therapy Groups

What is Art Therapy?

As the American Art Therapy Association explains, art therapy is a treatment modality that uses creative processes and the production of art as a means of helping people to improve their mental, emotional, and social functioning. Art therapists are licensed clinicians who are trained in both art-making and psychology, and they utilize artistic processes like painting, drawing, or sculpting within the context of a therapeutic relationship. Sometimes art therapy occurs in one-on-one sessions between a client and art therapist, whereas other people may participate in art therapy in group sessions.

Why Art Therapy Groups Work for Kids and Teens

Art therapy is a suitable treatment choice for kids and teens, because creative processes like painting and drawing can help children to express their emotions without having to clearly articulate their thoughts. Children may not always know what they are feeling, but art can help them to identify and express their emotions in an age-appropriate way. Research with children and teens has found that art therapy is beneficial for a variety of purposes, including treatment of trauma, disabilities, life challenges, and delinquency.

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Art Therapy Group for Creative Expression (9-12 yrs)  

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