In-School Services

In-School Services

In-School Individual:

In-School Individual therapy looks very similar to traditional individual therapy, it is a form of therapy in which a therapist sees one client at a time except the therapist comes to the school to conduct the session. An area is designated that provides a private space for the therapist and student to meet and address the presenting issues and concerns.

In-School Group Counseling:

In-School Group Counseling consists of a therapist coming to the school and facilitating a group with students, addressing common presenting challenges and teaching coping skills. There are additional benefits to group work, including interpersonal skill building and support.

School Services at Bridge to Balance Inc. Locations

Some School Districts also contract with Bridge to Balance Inc. and have a direct connection to scheduling counseling at one of our three locations. Some schools have contracts in which the school will cover the costs of therapy services in our offices. Please talk to your school to see if they are connected with Bridge to Balance Inc.

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