Evaluations/ Testing

Evaluations/ Testing

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation

The team at Bridge to Balance Inc. offers professional evaluation services for a variety of needs. A full psychoeducational assessment explores how cognitive, attention, and emotional/behavioral factors may be hindering academic, social, or functional success. This covers all possible areas of difficulty, including attention, learning, emotional/behavioral, and other disorders. Assessments typically include:

Children/Adolescents: School-related IEP/504 Accommodations

  • Intelligence testing 
  • Memory testing 
  • Achievement testing in all academic areas 
  • Behavior/emotional/social assessment as needed 

Adult: Work-related Accommodations

  • Intelligence testing 
  • Personality Testing 
  • ADD/ADHD Dx 

Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are designed to make sure that children with disabilities receive specialized instruction and any other necessary services. A 504 plan is developed and put into practice so that a child who has a disability receives the help they may need to succeed. Our team can help test children and adults to verify if they are in need of any special accommodations in school or in the workplace. The results include a comprehensive written report (typically 15–25 pages) with suggestions for intervention. 

ADHD Testing Only

Adult or Child

  • Intelligence testing 
  • Basic achievement screening 
  • Behavior analysis/teacher and parent surveys 
  • Direct assessment of attention 
  • Memory and processing speed screenings 

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a prevalent issue in both children and adults. The Bridge to Balance Inc. team uses professional tools and techniques to complete ADHD testing for people from a wide variety of backgrounds. If adults or children are experiencing severe concentration issues, a lack of impulse control, and hyperactivity, ADHD testing may be a step to consider. Our ADHD testing also includes an abbreviated written report (typically 8–12 pages) with suggestions for intervention.

Intelligence Testing Only

Adult or Child

Intelligence tests measure various aspects of mental functioning. This includes tests for:

  • Reasoning 
  • Planning 
  • Decision making 
  • Making judgments 

Intelligence testing can be helpful for both children and adults as a method of measuring future performance and behavior. The Bridge to Balance Inc. intelligence test includes a brief report on the results of the examinations (2–3 pages).

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Our expert team has the training and resources to provide a variety of testing options for our clients. We also offer an array of services including counseling for individuals and families, animal assisted therapy, telemental health services, and in-school services. Contact us with any questions, or get started by booking an evaluation today.