Evaluations/ Testing

Evaluations/ Testing

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation

A full psychoeducational assessment explores how cognitive, attention, and emotional/behavioral factors may be hindering academic, social, or functional success. This covers all possible areas of difficulty, including attention, learning, emotional/behavioral, and other disorders. Assessments typically include:

Children/Adolescents: School Related IEP/504 Accommodations

  • intelligence testing
  • memory testing
  • achievement testing in all academic areas
  • behavior/emotional/social assessment as needed

Adult: Work Related Accommodations

  • Intelligence testing
  • Personality Testing

Comprehensive written report (typically 15 -25 pages) with suggestions for intervention

ADHD Testing Only

Adult or Child

  • intelligence testing
  • basic achievement screening
  • behavior analysis/teacher and parent surveys
  • direct assessment of attention
  • memory and processing speed screenings

Abbreviated written report (typically 8 to 12 pages) with suggestions for intervention

Intelligence Testing Only

Adult or Child

Intelligence tests measure various aspects of mental functioning. This includes tests for:

  • reasoning
  • planning
  • decision making
  • making judgments

Brief report (2-3 pages)