Support Groups for Kids Going Through Divorce

Support Groups for Kids Going Through Divorce

Divorce brings about new challenges for children, as they must adjust to living in two different homes and cope with changes in the family dynamic. Research has shown that divorce can be especially challenging for children when they blame themselves and when there is a great deal of conflict between parents. On the other hand, children of divorce fare better when they have strong coping skills. A divorce group for kids provides them with a setting in which to process their feelings and develop methods of coping with their parents’ divorce.

We offer a 6-week divorce group for children, aimed at helping those who are currently experiencing their parents’ divorce or separation, to answer their questions and clear up confusion they may have surrounding their parents’ split. Kids in this group will be provided with a safe space in which to share their feelings about this time in their lives. Group members will also learn different ways to cope with stress and communicate their feelings.

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Splits: A Support Group for Kids going through Divorce (7-11 yrs)

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