Sand Play Therapy Group

Sand Play Therapy Group

Sand Play Therapy Group Counseling is an activity-based group in which participants build small worlds with miniature figures in sand trays. It is designed to help children address interpersonal relationships, socialization skills, and challenging emotions. Sand Play Group Therapy provides a safe space for children to process and communicate feelings while developing positive social interactions. Our professional therapists are licensed and complete sand tray therapy training to verify that they have the experience necessary to effectively use this method of communication.

Sand Play for Big Emotions

Here is more information about our Sand Play Group Therapy sessions:

Fridays at 5:00 p.m., 2/24–4/14, 8 weeks, Grades K–2. In-person only at the Voorhees Location. Sessions are led by Kelly White, LPC, Ph.D.

Thursdays at 6:00 p.m., 2/23–4/13, 8 weeks, Grades 3–5. In-person only at the Voorhees Location. Sessions are led by Kelly White, LPC, Ph.D.

Benefits of Sand Tray Therapy

Using a sand tray is a form of play therapy that is especially beneficial for children. A certified children’s play therapist will conduct sessions using a sand tray to help their clients learn and explore. Investing in a sand play therapy experience can be valuable for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons include:

Non-verbal Communication

Some people may struggle to verbally articulate their thoughts and emotions. Sand tray therapy provides a method of expression without them having to verbally say the words. This is a simple alternative to talk therapy. Sand tray users can draw pictures, write letters, or use another comfortable method of communication. This can allow their therapist to gain a deeper understanding of their emotional mindset, potentially providing opportunities for them to facilitate healing.

Creative Expression

For clients who need a creative outlet, sand tray therapy offers a convenient solution. Clients are able to freely design whatever comes into their mind. Safe from judgment and expectations, clients may be able to better open up and express their feelings through molding the sand.

Therapeutic Healing

Sand tray therapy offers an opportunity for clients to work through their emotions. They can draw pictures of a traumatic event to help them internally start to heal from past experiences. Engaging in sand play therapy is a soothing experience, allowing clients to enjoy a sense of relaxation and release. By observing their sand creations and working with a licensed therapist, clients can gain a better understanding of their thoughts and experiences, helping them to get started on the healing process.

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