Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

At Bridge to Balance, we offer couples counseling services, which can benefit a variety of situations and needs. 

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling sessions are a tool to help couples improve their relationships. In these sessions, couples can acquire healthy communication skills, learn how to resolve conflict successfully and obtain the assistance of a neutral third party while navigating relationship issues.

Couples counseling with a trained and experienced therapist at Bridge to Balance helps people work on relationship issues, such as patterns of poor communication or ongoing disagreements. In these instances, couples counselors offer nonjudgmental support and teach essential skills.

Couples counseling also assists in coping with more significant issues. This could include recovering from infidelity, making decisions about whether to divorce or stay together or overcoming the negative effects of each partner’s childhood experiences on the partnership. 

Couples Counseling at Bridge to Balance

Traditional Couples Counseling Sessions

Traditional sessions help couples tackle common relationship problems, like conflict, communication breakdowns, and lack of intimacy. They are a safe setting for exploring each partner’s family history, including how family patterns may repeat themselves in the couple’s relationship. These sessions can guide couples toward developing greater empathy and understanding for each other and more clearly expressing their emotions. The counselor’s goal is to work collaboratively with couples to help them overcome challenges and improve their satisfaction within the relationship. 

Mini-Intensive Sessions

Mini-intensive sessions, which last four hours and allow couples to dive deeply into relationship problems, are designed to help couples make significant progress after one intensive session. Couples will leave with a better understanding of their problems and tools to help them overcome these problems in everyday life.  These intensive sessions are somewhat like a “mini couple’s retreat.”  There is plenty of time to discuss your relationship history and dynamics and to learn tools for a more satisfying partnership. 

Discernment Counseling

Discernment counseling is best suited for couples who are at a crossroads and on the brink of divorce or separation. This modality seeks to help couples gain a sense of clarity and build confidence in their decision to either stay together or separate. Discernment counseling is particularly helpful when one partner would like to separate, but the other would like to stay together. After counseling sessions, the couple can decide to divorce, maintain the relationship as is, or work through therapy to heal the marriage.

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