Vorhees, NJ

Vorhees, NJ

Jennifer Mills, LAC

Credentials: MA from Rowan University

Specialties: Anxiety, depression, children of divorce or separation, hyperactivity, inattention, behavioral difficulties

Approaches: CBT, DBT, ACT, Sandplay Therapy, Expressive Arts, & Mindfulness

Clinical Focus: Children, Teens, and Young Adults

Years of Experience: 5+

When you carry around negative or unwanted feelings and experiences, they can become too big and can spill out of your pockets. Therapy gives the opportunity for someone else to listen to those feelings and experiences, alongside you, and discover the tools that can lead to self-respect, self-love, growth, and healing. 

Christine Conti, LAC

Credentials: MA in Counseling in Education from Rowan University

Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, & Panic Disorder

Approaches: Sandplay Therapy, Mindfulness, Solution Focus, CBT, & TFCBT

Clinical Focus: Couples, Teens & Adults

Years of Experience: 6+

I approach clients from a solution focus perspective. How we perceive life events often affects how we view ourselves and those around us. Working with clients I focus on letting go of judgment placed upon us by ourselves as well as the judgment we believe is placed upon us by others, helping clients to shift their focus to resolving the conflict within their lives. This helps clients gain awareness of what is within their control opening themselves up to positive experiences within their reach.

Sam Paris, LCSW

Credentials: MSW from New York University-Manhattan

Specialties: Trauma, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, & Relationship Struggles

Approaches: EMDR, IFS, Somatic, TFCBT, Narrative, & Psychodynamic Therapy

Clinical Focus: Adults & Teens

Years of Experience: 10+

The struggles and challenges of life can be eased from the bottom up by uncovering the underlying core issues. Together, we can upload a more updated operating system that fits in line with who you want to be as a person. After we make room for healing, you can embody the genuine you.

Professional Service Provider for Bridge to Balance Inc.

Morgan Hicks, LPC

Credentials: MA Counseling Psychology from Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

Specialties: Anxiety/ Depression, Behavior, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation

Approaches: CBT, Person-Centered, Mindfulness

Clinical Focus: Children, adolescents, and adults

Years of Experience: 10+

Having patient, non-judgmental, and safe support can make changes in life more manageable and overall wellbeing easier to obtain. Therapy can offer a new perspective with challenges to the old way of thinking; empowerment to regain emotional stability; support in interpersonal repair; and encouragement in the growth of positive self-concept.

Professional Service Provider for Bridge to Balance Inc.

Taylor Wegmann, CSSW, LCSW

Credentials: MSW from the University of Pennsylvania

Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, & School/Learning Related Difficulties

Approaches: CBT, TF-CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, & Sand Play Therapy

Clinical Focus: Children, Teens, and Adults

Years of Experience: 5+

In order to effectively manage the difficulties of life, it is important to examine them from a holistic perspective. Therapy provides a space to uncover underlying foundations of physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Through looking at one's whole experience, therapy can also offer us the opportunity to change the way we relate to these challenges, so that we can move forward with insight, clarity, and healing. Through introspection and reflection, we also are able to discover our inner capacity for strength and resilience, in even the darkest of times.

Professional Service Provider for Bridge to Balance Inc.

Kevin M. Ford, LAC, ICADC, LCADC

Credentials: Masters in Counseling Psychology from Georgian Court University

Specialties: Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, & ADHD

Approaches: Motivational Interviewing, CBT

Clinical Focus: Teens & Adults

Years of Experience: 12+

As individuals, we have a tendency of focusing and dwelling on our own negative experiences, which can cause us to lose focus on the present, and then ultimately coping with the negative situations inappropriately. As a therapist, I will assist the client on learning how those experiences have impacted your life, while also learning how to identify the appropriate coping skills, changing the thought process about those experiences and therefore learning how manage any future possible stressful situations. Learning how to stay grounded and present can be a very empowering tool as you begin to take back your life.

Professional Service Provider for Bridge to Balance Inc.

Brie Meade, LCSW

Credentials:MSW from Fordham University

Specialties: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Substance Use Disorders

Approaches:DBT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma-Informed

Clinical Focus: Ages 12+

Years of Experience: 5 years

We all experience struggles, barriers, and obstacles. A brave few rise to the surface to seek the help and support they need to overcome the challenges in their way. Therapy provides the opportunity to find the strength and resilience individuals have had all along to make it through some of the darkest moments in their lives. Using a strength-based approach, I work alongside you as you allow yourself to take your power back and be the author of your own story.

Danielle Rees-Echevarria, LPC

Credentials: MS from Capella University

Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Parent Support, Hyperactivity, Inattention, Behavioral difficulties, Attachment issues, Trauma

Approaches: CBT, Solution Focused, Sandplay Therapy, Expressive Arts & Play therapy, Behavior Modification, Hypnotherapy, & Mindfulness/Yoga

Clinical Focus: Children, Teens, Adults, Families, & Couples

Years of Experience: 5+

To help individuals and families thrive, I use a systems or team-based approach. In times of struggle, having someone who can understand, support, and guide you through your struggles and life journey is invaluable. Together we can develop all the necessary skills to become our best selves by improving and manifesting the relationships and futures we desire.

Gerilyn A. Suschke, LPC

Credentials: MA in Counseling and Personnel Services from The College of New Jersey

Specialties: Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Family-Child Relationships, Adjustment to Change, Childhood Trauma

Approaches: CBT, Solution Focused, DBT, ACT, Parent Child interactive Training

Clinical Focus: Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Years of Experience: 20+

Each of us are unique individuals and experience life through our own particular perspective. In my approach, therapy is an individualized process working from evidence-based practices. I believe that therapy is a journey we take together, as partners. Your therapy should be tailored to your needs and experiences without judgment or criticism, focused on healing and moving forward toward a healthy life.

Kelly White, PhD, LPC

Credentials: PhD from Walden University-Minneapolis, MN

Specialties: Anger, Behavioral, Depression, Sexual Abuse & Addiction, & Trauma

Approaches:CBT, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, Strength-Based, Trauma-Informed, TF-CBT, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

Clinical Focus: Children, Teens, & Adults

Years of Experience: 18+

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through counseling and treatment, we are able to help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life. We will work collaboratively in treatment and tailor your sessions to you as an individual, specific to your communication style, and other personal preferences.


Mary Mathews-Franden, LCSW

Credentials: MA in Clinical Social Work from The University of Chicago 1990, LCSW in 1991

Specialties: Trauma, anxiety, depression, medical or chronic illness related to stress and chronic pain

Approaches: CBT, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), EMDR

Clinical Focus: Teens and Adults

Years of Experience: 30+

I approach mental health work from a wellness perspective- we cannot be truly healthy if we do not attend to our mental and emotional health. Sometimes we need to improve our mental wellness because we have been "hurt" by life, and other times we simply want to build new skills and get stronger, more resilient. I will help you identify strategies to tap into your innate ability to heal and grow.

Professional Service Provider for Bridge to Balance Inc.

Stephanie Gould, LSW

Credentials: MSW from Rutgers University

Specialties: Anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, children of divorce/separation, parental support, and relationship conflict

Approaches: CBT, Mindfulness, and Play Therapy

Clinical Focus: Children, Teens, Adults, Families, and Couples

In life we all face challenges and times of difficulty. My goal is to help you find healthy ways to navigate through the obstacles you're experiencing. You have already taken one of the most significant first steps. You have acknowledged that you want to seek therapy. It's important to remember that you are not alone. From this point on, it is my mission to work with you step-by-step to set goals and manage any difficulties you may be facing. As a therapist, I approach each session from a non-judgmental view. The moment you step into my office, you are in a safe space. We are in this together. I look forward to meeting with you.