Participating in a group is a great way to learn foundational skills as well as specific skill sets. Each group member shares at their own pace and level of comfortability. Sharing “your story” with the group is not required in order to participate. Group participation can be coupled with individual sessions to enhance and further your therapeutic goals and experience.

Fall Groups 2022

Winter Groups 2023

  • DBT for Teens (14 yrs-18 yrs), Thursdays @ 7:00 pm, 2/23-4/13, 8 weeks, (Grades 9-12). In-person & Virtual. Led by Cassie Knechel, LAMFT
  • Mindfulness for the Middle School Years (11-13 yrs), Thursdays @ 6:00 pm, 2/23-4/13, 8 weeks Grades 6-8, Virtual Only. Led by Jen Mills LPC
  • Sand Play for Big Emotions. Fridays @ 5:00 pm, 2/24-4/14, (Grades K-2 ) & Thursdays @ 6:00 pm, 2/23-4/13, (Grades 3-5), 8 weeks. In-person only Voorhees Location. Led by Kelly White, LPC, PhD

Groups we offer throughout the year:

  • DBT Groups for Adolescents
    • A 8-week group for teens that teaches the foundations of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, including Mindfulness Skills, Distress Tolerance Skill, Emotional Regulation Skills and Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills. Teens will learn the tools to manage emotions and relationships effectively.

  • DBT Groups for Parents
    • A 8-week group for parents that runs simultaneously with the DBT for Teens group, teaches parents the foundations of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Parents will learn the same skills that their teens are learning which reinforces their effectiveness. This group provides tools to assist parents in supporting their teens, as well as build healthier parent-teen relationships. You do not need to have a teen enrolled in order to participate in this group.

  • DBT Groups for Adults
    • A 8-week group for adults that teaches the foundations of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, including Mindfulness Skills, Distress Tolerance Skill, Emotional Regulation Skills and Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills. These tools will help individual to manage their emotions and relationships effectively.

  • Mindfulness Groups for Children & Adolescents
    • Mindfulness (present-moment, nonjudgmental awareness) is a powerful tool that children and adolescents can use to manage their stress. This group teaches the tools that when practiced regularly can lower rates of anxiety and depression, and leads to better sleep, stronger relationships, and increased self-awareness. Each group, both children and adolescents, is geared toward teaching mindfulness skills that are developmentally appropriate. Groups range in ages from 9-12 yrs old & 13-15 yrs.

  • Sand Play Groups for Youth
    • Sand Play is a non-verbal therapeutic intervention designed to help kids address specific intrapersonal concerns, learn important skills of socialization, and develop a caring community. With the use of Sand Trays and miniatures, children work together to create collective trays or “worlds” while addressing social and emotional issues.

  • Anxiety Group for Children
    • A 10-week group that teaches children skills to manage and reduce their anxiety and fears. Based on a Cognitive Behavioral model, each week, children will learn different coping skills to build an effective “tool box” while also benefiting from the support of peers and reducing feelings of isolation that often accompany children with anxiety

  • Self-Esteem Group for Pre-Teen Girls
    • The tween years can be a challenging time where we often see self esteem significantly drop. This group focuses on skills and techniques to build healthy self-esteem, as well as create a safe and supportive environment for girls to share and process through emotions.

  • Express Yourself: An Anger Management Group
    • An 8- week group that creates an open environment where group members will facilitate discussions and learn about how we express our emotions in a healthy manner. This group is mainly facilitated by group member participation, with skills provided by the group facilitator. Group Members will utilize active listening and help create an environment for open discussion in order to assist each other in learning how to express our emotions in a more beneficial manner. There are groups for ages 14-17 yrs, 18-22 yrs and 23 yrs +

  • LGBTQ+ Group
    • An 8-week group that promotes a discussion of feelings and thoughts about how we view ourselves. Group is largely facilitated and driven by the participation of the group members. Members will utilize active listening, altruism, and universality in order to assist each other in coping with all aspects of LGBT life including the “coming out” process in a non-receptive family as well as “dating as a member of the LGBT community”. There are groups for ages 13-15 yrs & 16-18 yrs old.

  • Treat Yourself: A Self-Care Group for Teens
    • The unprecedented times we are living in have created a greater need for teens to learn how to take care of themselves and cope with extraordinary as well as daily stressors. Our 8-week group will address topics including self-care and stress management. The leader of the group will create a safe and open environment that encourages discussion among all members. Group participants will learn the basics of self-care, its importance, and how to apply it in their everyday lives as well as learn various coping mechanisms and distress tolerance skills to manage stressors. Age: 14-17 yrs old.

  • Music Therapy for Social Skills
    • This 8-week group music therapy group is centered around social interactions and overall emotional well-being. Through using musical instruments & song, this group works to build more effective communication and increased engagement with others. Children can then take these skills and the ability to connect with others outside of their therapy sessions to form connections in other environments such as at home, school, and play activities. Ages 5-7 yrs old.

  • Divorce Kids Group:
    • Our parents are the one thing we come into this world depending on. We look at them to be a team and to meet our childhood needs in all ways possible, so the idea of that union no longer existing can be earth shattering to a child. The word ‘divorce’ is a scary word, and it comes with a lot of uncomfortable feelings for children. It also comes with a lot of confusion and questions. One goal of this 7-week group will be to answer such questions and clear up levels of confusion. This group is aimed at helping children who are currently experiencing the divorce of their parents. Kids in this group will be provided with a safe space and be encouraged to share their feelings about this time in their lives. Group members will also learn different ways to cope with stress and diverse ways to communicate feelings. Ages 7-11 yrs old.

  • Art Therapy Group:
    • As the American Art Therapy Association explains, art therapy is a treatment modality that uses creative processes and the production of art as a means of helping people to improve their mental, emotional, and social functioning. Art therapists are licensed clinicians who are trained in both art-making and psychology, and they utilize artistic processes like painting, drawing, or sculpting within the context of a therapeutic relationship. Sometimes art therapy occurs in one-on-one sessions between a client and art therapist, whereas other people may participate in art therapy in group sessions.


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