Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Testimonials about DBT for Parents

These skills should be taught when you first become parents! It takes practice to remember all the skills and for them to be a natural behavior. My Kids are 15 and 18. By now, my parenting ways are pretty engrained in me. Tough to relearn, but I learned so much, not just for being a better parent, but a better friend, wife, etc. Thank you!!!”

Testimonial about Teen DBT:

I think the group was very helpful, and I liked being around others like me and learning the skills.”

Testimonial about Adult DBT:

I have had the privilege of attending both DBT training courses over the past year. Actually I had taken the first course a few years ago, however, I came to a low point in my life and needed to take the first course again.

Yes, I said “needed” because taking course #1 a second time has allowed me to really comprehend and put into practice skills that give me a balanced life. I have learned how to stop and think before I react. In this way my reactions are coming from the “Wise Mind” concept. By learning how to be mindful and in the present my day is more focused and my mind less cluttered because I am more in control of my thoughts.

I learned that validation of self and others is extremely important in conversations. I now use the “G.I.V.E.” skill often when talking with others.. One of my biggest difficulties is that I have a hard time saying no to people. But I have learned to put boundaries in place. I am able to say no without feeling as though I’m letting others down.

I come from a large family so understanding and applying the “F.A.S.T.” skill hasn’t always been easy. However each time I apply this skill I feel stronger mentally and emotionally.

I can’t say enough positive words about the DBT Skill Course. Learning the skills has changed my life and my relationships. I highly recommend these courses!”

Testimonial about group DBT:

I feel as though the group helped in ways with dealing not just with my teen, but also with others. I think that everything we learned will help us be more mindful when dealing with our teens and for our self as well”