Are Your Kids Stressed About Starting This School Year?

Are Your Kids Stressed About Starting This School Year?


It’s very normal for our children to feel anxious about returning to school after a long summer break. Some may find it difficult to return to their school schedule after a long period of holiday, and some children might find themselves nervous about starting at a new school and meeting new children.


Whatever the case is, it’s up to us as parents to help our children fit back into their school routine. Unfortunately, stress from coronavirus hasn’t made this easy and it’s understandable if you’re also feeling anxious about sending your child back to school.


COVID-19 is making is it more difficult for our children


Coming to terms with the pandemic is difficult. Your kids might be facing a lot of stress, anxiety and even concern around the coronavirus. This is because your child’s life and regular routine have been disrupted. Going to school, meeting friends and studying in class were major components in their life before the coronavirus. It helped them remain social and also build their identity which is important for their development.


COVID-19 has likely disrupted their life more than they could’ve imagined, removing any sense of normalcy and thrusting them into a pandemic-stricken world. Their favorite shows are being cancelled, they’re being told they can’t visit friends and they even need to wear masks when going outside. It’s no surprise that your children might be stressed due to the coronavirus, so how do you even begin managing it?


Talk to your child and address their concerns and worries


First, make sure to speak to your child and address their concerns. One strategy that parents typically use is to name their child’s fears in order to tame them. If possible, address concerns that they have and don’t be afraid to talk about difficult subjects if necessary. The goal here is to ease your child’s worries and help them return to a normal routine.


Discuss memorable events and positive things about returning to school


In order to help your child cope with returning to school during coronavirus stress, it’s important to remind them of the days before the pandemic. This includes mentioning memorable events in the past that involve their friends, talking about meeting their teachers again and being able to return to normalcy before the virus appeared.


Contact teachers if possible and let your child engage with them


Contacting their teachers will help settle your nerves as well as theirs. It’s important to learn more about the measures your child’s school is taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and also give your child an opportunity to speak to their teachers again. This can help calm their nerves and will allow them to ask questions about things they’re unsure about or have concerns with.


The coronavirus has changed many things in our lives, and it’s usually our kids that are affected the most. Their entire lifestyle was disrupted when the virus appeared, and getting back into that routine can be difficult unless we parents help facilitate it.

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