How to Deal with Added Anxiety Due to the Holidays

How to Deal with Added Anxiety Due to the Holidays

How to Deal with Added Anxiety Due to the Holidays

It's not unusual to feel anxious and stressed during the holidays. There are several things that can stress you out, from having a lot of people around to cooking for a crowd. Illness or the fear of illness during the winter holidays can cause anxiety too. You might also feel that there's a lot of pressure to make the holidays perfect and ensure that everyone has a good time. It can be especially difficult to deal with anxiety during the holidays if you already deal with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.

Take Time Alone

Finding time for yourself during the holidays can be difficult. There are often a lot of people around and events to attend too. If you find it difficult to socialize all the time or need a break, remember to take time for yourself. It's ok to turn down an invite to a party or spend some time on your own when you need to. Even if you can only get half an hour or perhaps even less, it will give you time to breathe and relax.

Reach Out When You Need To

Time on your own can help you when you're feeling anxiety, but it can be unwise to allow yourself to be too isolated. Isolating yourself and avoiding other people can make anxiety worse, so it's important to reach out to others during the holidays. Whether you spend time with friends and family or call your therapist, having someone to talk to and spend time with is a must.

Relieve the Pressure

One of the causes of anxiety and stress during the holidays might be the expectation that everything has to be perfect. There can be pressure to make the holidays amazing for yourself and your family, especially if you'll be having guests to stay. However, recognizing that not everything can be perfect and you can't always be completely in control, can help you to approach the holidays in a less anxiety-inducing way.

Manage Money Worries

Financial worries can cause anxiety during the holidays too. There are various expenses that come up, including food and drink, gifts, travel, and even higher energy bills. Managing your money and the worries that come with it will help you to feel happier during the holidays. You can do practical things like working out a budget, planning ahead, or even consulting with a professional on ways to budget successfully.

Keep Up Healthy Habits

The holidays are a time when you feel free to let loose a little and treat yourself. You might indulge in more decadent food or relax your usual routine. But if you want to manage anxiety, it's helpful to keep up your usual healthy habits. Treating yourself is fine, but completely losing your normal routine can make the holidays feel more tumultuous and affect your mood. Find balance by trying to still eat plenty of healthy food, sleep well, and continue with healthy habits such as meditation and exercise.

The holidays can cause added anxiety, but there are things that you can do to cope. As well as practicing good self-care, it helps to have people to talk to.

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